Sagamore Luxury Art Hotel | Miami Penthouse studio with a view

There is no place like home, so goes the saying. For 15 years Miami was the backdrop of my childhood. When I make the journey back to the sunny mecca, I like to stay at the Sagamore Luxury Art Hotel on South Beach. I’m drawn by its eclectic showcasing of art, its sophisticated scene and modern amenities. During my last stay I experienced the uber secluded penthouse suite on the hotel’s roof, with 360 panoramic views. This one-bedroom suite, was more studio bungalow than anything, with its own living amenities, private terrace and furnished lounge. It was an ideal place to to unwind and defrost my Yankee bones. At my first attempt to layout it got a bit awkward when guests from The Ritz Carlton and National Hotel preyed from their balconies.

Enjoying a cup of coffee watching the sunrise, while my aerial neighbors slept, a vision of a posh New Year’s Eve party and chic bachelorette came to mind. The spacious private lounge is a great setting for hosting a party or escaping the South Beach crowd. My weekend was filled with relaxation, swimming and napping. Get a peak below at my weekend stay at the Sagamore Luxury Art Hotel.

Alexandra Avila, Traveling-in-Heels

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