The Newest & Lightest Tech Gear For Working On The Road

Most of my time traveling, the road doubles as a remote office. To keep up with work I usually pack a few extra items to stay connected and productive. Non-negotiable items include my camera, laptop, two smartphones, each of their respective chargers, a few printed documents and my leather notebook. To avoid future back problems and going over the carry-on weight capacity, I’ve scouted the lightest and most functional cameras and laptops on the market. The new Canon SL1 camera and Samsung ATIV 9 Lite laptop came up as my #1 picks and latest guilt free purchases. Shop these smart technology investment pieces and travel light.


The body of a DSLR camera can weigh anywhere from 32 to 54 oz.  Add two lenses, a speedlite, and a charger and you can start to feel the weight pile on. Canon’s newest Rebel SL1 is the lightest body out there, weighing in at 13.05 oz. making it easier to take my camera everywhere. The quality and resolution of the photos are some of the best shots I’ve ever taken.  BUY NOW $599.99  $499.99

Canon Rebel SL1 Body
Canon Rebel SL1 Body


I’ve long been a loyal fan of Apple products. But, when I first got introduced to Samsung’s ATIV Book 9 Lite touch laptop, I knew my Macbook days were numbered. At 13.3″ this slim and lightweight touch notebook has yet to not fit in any of my work or leisure bags. It was also about time our laptops caught up with our tablets and smart phones, utilizing touch capability.  I used to dread writing from the road, having to lug around a huge tote that would accommodate my bulky Pro laptop. Thanks to the ease and mobility offered by this 2.87 lb touch notebook, I’m finding myself writing in the most unconventional areas. I do what I have to. BUY NOW $799

Samsung ATIV 9 LITE Notebook
Samsung ATIV 9 LITE Notebook
Samsung ATIV 9 Plus Notebook 13.3"
Samsung ATIV 9 Plus Notebook 13.3″
Samsung ATIV 9 LITE Notebook
Samsung ATIV 9 LITE Notebook 13.3″

Plus, checkout my recent obsession with chic backpacks help to keep track of all my work gear and know they are kept safe.

Alexandra Avila, Traveling-in-Heels

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