Affordable Flights To France For Summer

France is a European staple of any eager traveller. The fashion, architecture and history draw millions of visitors each year. Getting there however, hasn’t always been cheap. Just in time for summer travel, XL Airways, a local affordable air carrier in France, offers long-haul flights from NYC, Las Vegas, Miami and San Francisco.

Those in the Northeast are especially lucky with two scheduled flights a week headed from New York’s JFK to Marseille’s MRS at a mere $800 round-trip.

Marseille is a great place to start any French or European trip. Of course, this historical seaside port is no Paris or Bordeaux, but it is rich in history and connects you to the country’s most beautiful cities via the Gare Saint-Charles bus and train station. In a few minutes or hours you could arrive via train in:

Paris | 3hr 14min

Lyon | 1hr 40min

Toulon | 45min

Nice | 2hr 34min

Monaco | 3hr 19min

From Marseille, you can also get connecting flights for the next leg of your trip. Why not add on Greece or even Turkey like I did?

Now, please note that you get what you pay for with XL Airways. Be prepared for limited in-flight entertainment or no wifi. The cabin and seats are a bit cramped, but they do offer meals and good customer service.

Book your flight while it’s still cheap and checkout my guide to Marseille to make the most of your trip.

Safe Travels.

Alexandra Avila, Traveling-in-Heels

(photo credit: Curious Lines)

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