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For those brave enough to follow me, I am Alexandra, a Miami native, part-time Bostonian and New York resident. For both work and pleasure, I’m traveling the globe, curating itineraries filled with adventure, culture and style.

I’ve always been drawn to both travel and fashion, which is reflected in my personal career working for companies such as Travel + Leisure Magazine, the Guggenheim Foundation, and Mediabend Capital- a Tod’s S.p.A company. Traveling through the jungles of Costa Rica or walking the streets of Paris can be as equally chic. From what you pack to where you stay, a flare of your own individual style, is the difference between you and the next traveler.

This site documents seven years of travel meant to inspire women to turn their own travel dreams into a reality. Its my hope that Traveling-in-Heels encourages women to see the ease and benefits of traveling abroad, while challenging them to take a voyage on their very own.

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– Alexandra

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  1. Keep on Trucking and take your picture with as many orbs as you can. I hope all is well. Europe is Fantastic.

  2. Kudos! I have often felt awkward as a woman traveling alone in Europe (eating dinner by myself in Venice along the busy Rialto Bridge comes to mind…lots of stares, very unnerving) and this is a great reminder how rewarding a journey it can be. 6 months in Europe?! I’m so jealous!!! Enjoy :) Great blog!

    • Thanks for your comment Californiagrace. At times it can feel unnerving, but its either sitting at home alone on the couch or sitting alone along the rialto sipping on a spritz. I think I know which one we prefer. I Hope i’ve motivated you to travel again with or without someone and if you do, as always safe travels and again thanks for the support.

      – La Conquistadora

  3. Looking forward to following you. My husband and I are on a 10 month trip right now. We’re only two months into it. Maybe we’ll run into each other! I added you to our blogroll today. Good luck!


  4. I am new to WordPress & just found your blog! I hope to travel as much as you seem too and discover wonderful places! I am very excited to start following!

    • Alexandra Avila June 20, 2011 — 11:01 pm

      Hi Inspiration Crave,
      So glad you like the blog. The hardest part about traveling, is putting the plans in motion. Hope to read about your travels soon.
      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Our Facebook page has just had a flurry of posts regarding traveling solo during the Holidays. These were in response to two women who said it was wrong to leave your family. The many posts reminded all that we don’t all have families and do not want to be bullied by the home bound when we love to travel.

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